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What We Strive For

Our Mission

The mission of the Mount Holly Community Garden is to be a vibrant educational gardening community committed to sustainable organic horticulture and beauty while cultivating community bonds.

Our Purpose

* Provide a safe gardening area for the inclusive involvement of seasoned and novice gardeners, persons of every generation, and a variety of abilities.

* Educate the Mount Holly Community on the methods of and benefits of organic gardening, food safety, cooking, nutrition, and food preservation.

* Educate all age groups through hands on activities of the origins of their vegetables and fruits, how they are grown, and how to harvest them.

*Foster environmental stewardship, advance nutrition education and provide a supplemental food source for gardeners, the Mount Holly Community Relief Organization, and Mount Holly Meals On Wheels.

* Provide a peaceful retreat of beauty for the Mount Holly community to enjoy and reflect.

* Offer social events in the garden to cultivate a sense belonging and community in an urban environment.

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